Finding Josephine…In Marrakech


Amanda of MarocMama sent me a private Facebook message just last month:

“I met the owner of [Josephine Baker’s former riad] a few weeks ago at a restaurant [here in Marrakech] and remembered you posting about Josephine Baker in Paris….”

Holy couscous, Batman!, I thought immediately, my heart racing.

“Whenever you make it to Marrakech again, you could stay in her home.”

OMG. OMG. OMG. I was spinning.

???????????????And if you didn’t know before, you know it now:  I adore Josephine Baker, the world’s most famous Black female expatriate.  And yes, I know, I am not alone.

In the early 1940s, at the invitation of the Pasha of Marrakech, Josephine was invited to live in Morocco in a traditional Moroccan home (called a riad) that was connected to the Pasha’s palace, which has been Marrakech Museum since 1997, and where they both still stand today.

So guess what I did?

I reached out to the delightfully enthusiastic British owners of Riad Star – Lucie and Mike Wood – and arranged a stay in the fall of 2014 during one of my annual extended Paris visits. *twirling*


Riad Star

Of course, I plan to chronicle the entire experience, much like I did when I visited Josephine’s former château in the Dordogne Valley in 2012.

So needless to say, November can’t get here fast enough.

Thanks, Amanda. I owe you one. See ya soon. =)


4 thoughts on “Finding Josephine…In Marrakech

  1. A 3 day adventure to Marrakech to spend time at Josephine Baker’s home while immersing myself in all that Marrakech has to offer after spending 10 indulgent days in Paris seems like more excitement than 1 lucky girl can handle, but I am up for this adventure! 100%!

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